Cavity Fixings

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Cavity Fixings

Cavity Fixings The Hollo-Bolt® and Lindibolt eliminate the need for conventional through-bolting or welding of structural hollow section (SHS) or any steel structure where access is only available from one side. Both the Lindibolt and Hollo-Bolt enable fast and safe construction and can be swiftly installed by simply inserting the product into pre-drilled holes, then tightening to the recommended torque using hand tools. In the late 1940s, Lindapter revolutionised 'blind connectons' with the development of the original Lindibolt, for situations where access to both sides of the steel was restricted. Following the Introduction and wide acceptance of SHS, the Hollo-Bolt was invented to suit virtually any type of hollow section, including square, rectangular, circular and oval profiles. As with all Lindapter products, the R&D department has continued to develop the range with the rapid expansion in diameters, lengths, finishes, and head types.

Following comprehensive testing, The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) and British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) recognise the Hollo-Bolt as a primary structural connection, in the design guide 'Joints in Steel Construction — Simple Connections'. The Hollo-Bolt has CE Mark Certification, and Is also approved by the Deutsches Institut fUr Bautechnik and TUV NORD.

Typical Hollo-Bolt applications include:

• Primary Connections
• Secondary Connections
• Bridges
• Cladding
• Balconies
• Towers and Masts
• Staircases and handrails
• Glazing and Roofs

Type HB

Type HB Countersunk

Type HB Flushfit

Type LB2